A Change of Plans

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This week I have been up to my ears in organizing workmen, deliveries and details for the Little Rock House.  We have had some great news this week.  Our refrigerator we purchased several weeks ago went on sale and was $1000 cheaper than we originally bought it for.  The store gave us the difference and we purchased several tools we needed with the refund.  We also got a gift card back on the copper sink, since it went on sale as well.  Especially during this time, it is so useful to keep an eye on major purchases, most everything goes on sale and stores will usually honor the sale price with a refund or store credit.

As my fabulous readers know, my schedule is pretty crazy.  I routinely stay awake for 24 hours to accomplish all I need to and spend time with loved ones.  The past few years have echoed a quote I love, “I will sleep when I am dead!”  With the very short time we get on earth, I don’t like wasting a minute of it.  I am the anti-procrastinator.

When I was 5 years old, I was getting ready for bed in my usual nightly routine.  I carefully picked out my clothes for the next day and after I finished I got to thinking.  If I laid out my clothes for the next week, I would save time in the mornings.  Once I finished those outfits, I thought to myself, “That worked out so well, I might as well pick out the clothes for the next week.” An hour later, my entire room was covered in neatly laid out outfits for the coming weeks.

Studies have shown the way people problem solve by age 5 remains mostly unchanged in adulthood and I know for myself, this is very true.  I use those same preparation tactics from when I was 5 as I do today.  I am the queen of multi-tasking and balancing as many things as I can possibly cram into my life.  This makes me a very good emergency room nurse, but it makes me very exhausted in the outside world!

As I creep closer to age 30, I have learned some hard lessons about stretching myself too thin.  I have learned how vital sleep and down time are to emotional and physical health.  I have learned that when you have a partner, you have a responsibility to that person to not come home with nothing left to give out.

Having said that, although I am not as rigid as I used to be, plans and organization are essential parts of my life.  For example, Monday Dec 1st has been the closing date for the Little Rock House for over a month.  I have been incredibly prompt with the thousands of required documents for a loan so nothing would be delayed for Dec 1st.  In anticipation of this date, I have scheduled workmen and deliveries every day that week.  I have boxes (and boxes and boxes) stacked in neatly organized piles for the different phases of moving over to that house.  So when I was told on Wednesday afternoon, five days (that’s two business days due to Thanksgiving), that the paperwork (not on  my end) was not going to be together in time for a Monday closing, I was less than thrilled.

I adamantly explained, a different closing date is not an option.  Everything over the next few weeks is dependent on that closing day coming to pass.  In an effort to assist the bank with time, I changed the closing time for two hours later.  Even this two hour delay caused me to have to cancel two classes for work and rearrange several things in my schedule that week.  As Wednesday comes to a close, I am no less informed on if I will be a homeowner Monday morning, as was the plan for the last few months.

I do believe this is the universe teaching me another lesson on theoretically counting my eggs before they hatch.  That or the universe has one twisted sense of humor watching this little redhead sweat it out.

I can’t wait to see what Monday will bring.

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The Packing Has Begun


Life has been hectic per usual this week.  I have been busy getting the final documents together for the loan for the Little Rock House.  Even in the last few years, this process has changed immensely.  The bank pretty much wants everything from your financial information to your first born child.  I am hoping for no unexpected bumps in the road as we get closer to finalizing the loan.

Only 14 days left until closing.  The water was treated and the new results show no bacteria which is great news.  We still plan on getting a whole home filter and water softening system just to be sure the water stays bacteria free.

The packing has begun at our house and I am hoping this doesn’t jinx our closing date!  Boxes, boxes everywhere


Keep your fingers crossed for me that in two weeks I will be calling this home!



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Three Weeks to Go


This has been a week full of 12 hour shifts and hospital classes.  Starting at a new hospital is so time intensive, between the regular work days, paperwork and numerous classes and online modules you have to take, its pretty much like having two jobs at first.

I am so glad to be back on night shift.  Working night shift allows me to stay on top of the house work, cooking and everything else I have to do.  I don’t know how day shift folks stay on top of their responsibilities!

This week we purchased our fabulous copper sink, which I so excited for, the faucet, and garbage disposal.  It has been such a blessing to have plenty of time before we move into the Little Rock House.  It has allowed us to get what we need a little at a time, which has been much nicer on our wallets.  I have not yet been payed from the new job, so I am anxiously awaiting that check next week.

We go tomorrow to get another look at the house and get our measurements for everything.  By the end of the day tomorrow we should have an idea what the painting, granite counter tops and new master bedroom wood floor will cost.

All of the inspections have turned out great, minus the well inspection.  The water results showed bacteria-yuck!  Luckily the sellers agreed to treat the well and retest it before closing.

Only three more weeks until closing and I am counting down the days until we can get in there and make it our own.

Even though we have the rental house until March, I will begin packing soon so we can start to transition into the Little Rock House as soon as the renovations are completed.  One thing I am really looking forward to is the little suite we are building Oliver.  His room in the new house will double as the laundry room, but he gets his own porch with the freedom to come and go as he pleases.  Here is a sneak preview of our idea for his room…


He has been nothing short of a hellion this week.  I think he is feeling the changes coming, pigs hate change and love their routine, and is acting out in protest.  Here is just one example of his naughtiness this week…


All that fluff used to be his super nice bed we bought him.  Once the trauma of going to a new place settles down I know he will love the new space and freedom to get some fresh air when he pleases.

Stay tuned, our rustic chiq reno is only a few weeks away!

Until next time…


The Little Rock House


I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween.  Oliver enjoyed being his usual always on the search for food self, Peanut enjoyed having us both home and Lilly was the only one who got into the spirit of things…


Neil and I took Lilly around while my neices and nephews went trick or treating, however she did not enjoy herself.  She is definitely a family only kind of girl and when my nephew was walking her and accidentally dropped the leash, she became nothing but a blur of a hot dog as she raced home.

I am now officially less than a month away from closing on the Little Rock House and am beyond excited.  The home inspection went wonderfully and came back with no major issues.  Even the whole home generator works great-I can’t wait to enjoy this feature when we lose our power due to the ice this winter-as we always do here in NC!

Neil and I have been bargain hunting for everything we will need in the new house.  Our first major areas to tackle are the kitchen, painting (all the walls are pink and purple-not our style!) and redoing the dark blue shag carpet in the bedroom and bur-bur carpet in the office.  The house has quite a variety of wood floor colors, so eventually we will redo the kitchen’s wood floor to match the living room.

Yesterday on a whim, we stopped by a local appliance store and they were having an awesome sale.  With the help of a very outspoken sales lady, we got a super cool (no pun intended-ok maybe a little) energy efficient  refrigerator, a huge fancy microwave, a super quiet dishwasher, and a flat top stove and oven combo.  We originally were going to pipe gas into the kitchen for a gas stove, but decided to take that out of the budget to free up some other upgrade options.  We ended up getting all of those appliances for what we thought only two of them would cost, needless to say we were elated!

With all of the appliances now upgraded, we are focusing on purchasing the beautiful copper sink I have had my eye on for the last month, granite counter tops, redoing the cabinets and upgrading the lighting fixtures in the kitchen.  We meet with the painters soon for an estimate, so I am anxious to see how much that will cost.  Although Neil and I are capable of doing the painting ourselves (capable being a loose term here), with both of us working full time and everything else we have going on, we don’t have the time to do it.  I am so excited to see the Little Rock Houses’ transformation over the next few months.

November has definitely arrived and it brought windy, chilly weather to NC this week.  I sure miss my warm summer days, but the brilliantly colored leaves are a gorgeous site around here!

Until next time…



Weekly Wonders

*This weekly post is dedicated to highlighting a few of my favorite happenings over the week* 
  • I survived my first week at my new job.  It went surprisingly well and I think it will end up working out great.  Although the commute is longer than average, I enjoy the 45 minutes of quiet time to gear up or wind down from the shift.  I have been working day shift-which has totally thrown this night shift girl for a loop.  This whole getting up at 4 am thing is for the birds.  I am anxiously awaiting my return to night shift next week!


  • The house adventure continues to move forward and I am super excited.  I met with the representative today to complete the rest of the loan paperwork-if I didn’t have enough practice signing my name in my nursing career, I sure got it today!- and locked in at a great interest rate.  The inspections are happening this week and we are getting to go back to the house in two weeks to get some measurements and get an estimate from the painters.  Country Chic Remodel will soon be in full swing and I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll.


  • I am definitely a traditional old girl and I love writing and receiving letters.  Although this practice is unfortunately a major thing of the past thanks to email and iPhones, I got a letter from my grandma today.  I just love hearing from her and seeing her carefully written letters telling me the latest family happenings.


  • I LOVE Halloween.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  It outweighs Christmas and maybe even my birthday.  I love the fun and festivities of the day and I am a candy fanatic so that just doubles my love of the day right there!  It has been awhile since I was able to be with my neices and nephews as they trick or treated around the neighborhood, so I am looking forward to being a part of that tradition.  I hope this Halloween brings more treats than tricks for you!

Don’t miss my article this month in Carolina Country, check it out HERE!

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What would you do if you weren’t afraid?



A year ago at this time, I was living on a beautiful homestead with a husband-chickens and pigs I adored, working in the same emergency room I began my career in, living just a few miles from where I was born and raised.  This question appeared to me and hit me so hard I was physically rocked.

Was life decent? Absolutely.  Was anything horrible happening to me? No.  Could I live the rest of life as things were and be ok? Probably.  But this question alone completely changed the course of my life.  I have touched on the happenings of my life over the last year and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your ears and eyes as I have gone through that challenging journey.

Separating from my husband of just a few years, was literally one of the most awful experiences of my life.  The courage it took me to emotionally and physically leave that marriage, that homestead, that lifestyle, came from some small seed in my belly, that had been slowly growing roots for some time-and for that seed, I am eternally grateful.

The fear that racked my brain and my soul about that decision and all that was to come, was palpable.  Fear that I was making a terrible mistake.  Fear that I would never find the extraordinary life I intensely craved.  The fallout of that decision financially and personally was grueling-and I continue to deal with the consequences on a daily basis.

But a year later, I stand on the other side of that dark cave.  I broke loose of my fears that kept me heavily chained and hit the ground running.  I pushed, I endured and I survived.  I left the comfort zone of my marriage and ran smack into an amazing man who shares the joys and sorrows of life with me in a way I have never experienced.  I left the comfort zone of my local emergency room and traveled to a new state, completely alone, and found a wonderful group of people and a great experience I’ll never forget.  The plans for joining my family on the farm in the next year were interrupted-and thus a new chapter began in this redhead’s life book.

For those who follow me on facebook (which you totally should because you get to see plenty of videos of Oliver’s craziness and Lilly’s very odd sleeping positions) you saw this post…


I made a choice to follow my gut and move forward with what felt right to me.  I heeded the important lesson I learned over the last year and made the choices I wanted to make.  I didn’t let fear hold me back.

I am beginning a new job in a fresh new hospital this week and my biggest news of all is(drum roll please) I bought a lovely little homestead to house my family and fulfill my dreams.  It’s not a lot of land by most folks standards, but it’s enough to start over with chickens, a garden and get back to the rural way of life I hold so dear.  This purchase came with sacrifices- physical possessions, old dreams and others on a more personal level, but I know that it is exactly the right step for me to take.

So my dear friends, I am thankful more than ever that I have you as companions on this new chapter.  Stay tuned as I start a new job in a different (but not too far) city, majorly renovate (with lots of Neil’s help of course!) and make the new house a rustic chic style, and embark on the homestead life once again.

“Everything you want, is on the other side of fear.” -George Adair

Until next time…


Weekly Wonders

*This weekly post is dedicated to highlighting a few of my favorite happenings over the week* 
  • My traveling nurse career came to an end this week.  It was bittersweet leaving the awesome team of people I worked with and came to know as friends over the last few months.  On my last shift, the Virginia folks showered me with homemade goodies, a very sweet card and these gorgeous flowers


  • I loved being home all week.  I cooked dinner every night, officially unpacked my suitcase and got to spend time with my man and my furry family.  It’s the small things that make life so lovely!
  • I am having two of my favorite kiddos over today for a sleepover filled with goodies, pumpkin carving and haunted village making.  So looking forward to some good old fashioned fun.
  • I have some very exciting news coming up, can’t wait to share it with you.  As soon as the details settle out I will share. Can’t wait to tell ya’ll!

Until next time…