Adventure Ahead


We have some news…

The house is under contract!!

After a week and half on the market, our homestead received an offer and after some bargaining we settled on a price earlier this week.  We are set to close on December 22.

This news is encompassed in anxiety, excitement and relief.  We have now taken our first steps toward a once in a lifetime adventure.

After a lot of discussion, we have made a final decision to build on the farm.  We are both thrilled to be able to share in the family farm experience.

Neil and I have looked into several housing options and have chosen to live as simply and greenly as possible.  We are still exploring what this fully means for us.

On Friday, we met with the planning department in Orange County and got the ball rolling on building at the farm.  After our meeting there, we hit the road and drove to Floyd, Virginia to explore some alternative housing options.

VA Mts

On the way to our destination we stopped at Fairy Stone National Park.  It is a huge hiking and camping reservation that surrounds a beautiful lake.  Denali ran around like a banshee, splashing through the water and kicking up hundreds of leaves.

We then met with a local company who hand makes yurts (a yurt is a traditional, circular tent like structure that was used by nomadic cultures).

After getting to view a fully set up yurt-which we loved, we enjoyed a local meal at a cute little general store.

We explored the downtown of Floyd, Virginia and then headed to the Meadows of Dan where we ended up at a huge candy store.


Neil and I ate some delicious homemade candy and continued our journey and rode down the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We stopped at an old water mill and hike around the intricate, old set up.


Seeing all the signs for local, fresh apples in Virginia made me crave them so we stopped at a little produce store and bought a bushel of them.  They had all kinds of delicious things for sale.


We then decided to drive through Mt. Airy, where Neil was born and raised.

We walked around downtown and tasted some local wines.  After talking and laughing the evening away, we headed to visit Neil’s parents, who live in the same house Neil grew up in.

The house sits on top of a huge hill that overlooks the town of Mt. Airy.  The view was absolutely beautiful.  All around was complete darkness except the twinkly lights of the little town of Mayberry.

As we drove home after a fun, exhausting day, my heart was so full of love for the man sitting beside me holding my hand and all the adventures yet to come.  Not a day goes by, I don’t appreciate how lucky we are to have each other and be able to enjoy such unique adventures together.


The coming months will bring lots of planning, decisions and excitement, stay tuned for our most important adventure yet!

Until next time…


A Tea Party and Other Fun Things


This week, I got to enjoy a few days off after my super long stretch of hospital shifts.  Although I didn’t get to rest much, I was able to pack some fun into the busy week.

Me niece and I enjoyed a super fancy princess tea party at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill.  If you have a little girl, I highly recommend this little adventure.  It is a bit pricey, but really fun!


Neil and I, spur of the moment, decided to head to Winston Salem this week to see one of our favorite bands, Steep Canyon Rangers.  They are a bluegrass/roots type of band and have an amazing fiddle player.  We had such a great time.

unnamed[1] (2)

Our homestead has had plenty of showings, including a few repeats, but no offers yet.   We are keeping our fingers crossed and having faith it will sell when it is supposed to.

With all of the showings, the dogs and I have had to be out of the house frequently, so we enjoyed a few long walks this week.


Denali certainly has it rough around here!


Neil and I met with a building company this week and worked up an estimate for our forever house.  The rain got in the way of walking the farm with my parents this week, but we are hoping to figure out a potential building sight this week.

I start my new assignment this week in a local pediatric emergency room and I am really excited to see how a strictly pediatric ER functions.

I hope the new month brings many blessings for you and yours!

Until next time…


Hell Week


This past week has been a hell week for me and Neil (Neil and I? My exhaustion is affecting my grammar skills today).  I have been working six 12 hour shifts in a row -I am on day 5 of 6 currently.  Neil has been working just as much, and we are both worn slap out.

We have had three house showings this week, which we are very grateful for, but they have all happened in the middle of our typical sleeping time.  With so many work days back to back and very little sleep, we are both so looking forward to some time off together.

Although we have had quite a few house showings in just the few days the house has been on the market, we have yet to receive an offer.  I am becoming a bit antsy to get our homestead sold.  Blame it on my red hair or ER nature, but waiting and being patient is not a skill of mine…at all!

Neil and I have not been able to find any property on the market that we are remotely interested in.  We both want to make our next move the last move, so finding the perfect house is what we want to do.

Due to this, we have been seriously discussing building out at the family farm.  After speaking with my parents, we are both really looking forward to researching this option further.  We are meeting with a custom home builder this week, as well as walking the farm with my parents to determine a possible location for our forever home.

We have been letting Oliver out every day to run around the homestead with Denali.  Denali loves to chase that pig!  They are both worn out by the end of their escapades.



The chickens have been hard at work laying plenty of fresh, delicious eggs for us.  We currently have three full cartons in our refrigerator!

Our little homestead has been running fairly smoothly these days, and Neil and I are both anxiously awaiting our next adventure to begin.

Until next time…


So Far So Good


The house has now officially been on the market two days, and we have already had one showing and another one scheduled Friday.  Check out our listing…

Little Rock House Listing

We are anticipating the house selling quickly, and we have yet to find our forever home.  Due to recent changes in the house buying process, closings are now expected to take 45-60 days instead of 30.  Our realtor stated she hasn’t closed a house yet with the new rules, but they definitely do not make things easier for buyers and sellers.

We are tossing around quite a few ideas of what to do when our house sells, maybe even building our forever house at the family farm.

Our backup plan for now is to purchase a camper to live in for awhile until we figure out what our next move is (literally!).  We are waiting to hear from the county zoning department, if you are familiar with Orange County you know they have intense rules and regulations, if we are allowed to have a camper on the farm.

Even though living in a camper is not most people’s ideal home, Neil and I are looking forward to the quiet nights and frequent campfires.  It will be as close to living off the grid as we can get, and the thought of falling asleep listening to nothing but the quiet of the woods, is as close to perfect as it gets.

This is our most exciting adventure yet and we are both so giddy with anticipation on how this will pan out.

Until next time…


Big adventure straight ahead…


Life is crazy. In fact the older I get, the crazier and faster life gets.  It seems like the days meld into weeks and before I know it a year has gone by.

I have always been a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kinda gal.  I am rarely careless, but I tend to follow my passions and figure things out somewhere along the way.

Occasionally in my life, this jump off the cliff and figure it out on the way down mindset can get me into a bit of trouble.  However, I don’t have a single complaint so far.  I live with no regrets and couldn’t be happier with how life is turning out.

Having said all this, Neil and I have made a big decision.  We have decided to put the Little Rock House on the market, Chicken Palace and all, and purchase a forever home.  Goodbye our lovely Little Rock House and the hours of blood sweat and tears we put into the remodel (Catch up on that story HERE)!


What prompted this decision was an amazing piece of property we happened to stumble upon.  A gorgeous Cape Cod style home on a large piece of property with a 3 acre lake.  We totally saw ourselves making it our forever home, but it required a large amount of money and time in much needed updates.  Fate had another plan in mind, because before we could make a plan, someone else made an offer.

We have several other properties in mind, but have yet to make a firm choice.  It is a challenging balance to find a house and property we like, but one in a location convenient to Neil’s work and the family farm.

We are still planning to proceed with putting our house on the market and just see where this adventure leads.  We are both excited and have so enjoyed looking at new homes and properties; our minds are full of remodel ideas and plans for our future.

I have always had a gypsy soul, and I am lucky enough to have a found a partner who not only knows how to keep up, but has a blast running wild with me.

Until next time…


Last Room to Remodel…for this house anyway!


I have two weeks left on my current travel nurse assignment and I am really looking forward to my next one.  I will be at a pediatric emergency room in November, and I am excited for the new experiences and awesome financial opportunity it will bring.

We are busy remodeling our master bathroom-our last room renovation left in this house!  I can’t wait to show you what it looks like. We changed out the laminate floor and factory vanity for beautiful tile, and a custom built open wood vanity with copper vessel sinks-I am hoping it all comes together like I picture in my head.  The progress so far…


The huge fig tree is finally producing figs.  Anyone have any ideas what to do with all these ripe figs?


Denali is turning out to be a great farm dog.  He is the best behaved puppy.  Not a single accident in the house and he does amazing off leash.  He adores being outside and running as fast as he can around the homestead.  He is always enthusiastic about helping with the morning homestead chores.


Neil and I have been working on some BIG and exciting plans for 2016, we can’t wait to share them with you!  Speaking of exciting things, Neil was promoted to Sergeant this week and I am so proud of him.  The promotion process was extremely intense and he handled it like a pro.  The pups and I decorated the house and made Neil a custom cookie cake to celebrate.  We are both very grateful for this new opportunity for our family.

Until next time…


Cooler Weather and Big Plans

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As the cooler weather is setting in, my mind is racing with homestead plans for the coming spring (I am so not good at living in the moment sometimes!).  I am so hoping Neil and I will have figured out some way to balance our many responsibilities and be able to spend more time homesteading.

Our biggest project for the Spring will be to breed Daisy.  She will be a year old by then and mature enough to breed.  Her companion, Sawyer, is a whether (a castrated male) so he won’t be of any use for that project!  Bucks are super stinky and smelly (they like to pee on themselves and other super fun activities to impress the ladies) and can get aggressive to people-especially when they are in the mood.  They will also try to breed their own children, so it is important to have a separate place to keep the bucks.

Neil and I are deciding if we should purchase a buck or just send Daisy on a few “dates” with one.  Since Daisy is so skiddish, we are planning to keep a kid or two of hers to raise by hand, in hopes that they will be more friendly.  We plan on selling Daisy while she is still in milk to another homestead, since the price for a doe in milk is much better than when she is not in milk.


We are also planning on building a few more raised bed gardens to expand our self sufficiency.  Gardening and raising crops is time intensive, but I have found raised beds help since weeds are slightly more controlled and raised beds are easier to fence, which keeps crop eating critters out.

Meat rabbits is also on our spring homesteading plans.  We plan on getting one buck and two does, as this will supply a large amount of meat for us.  Butchering rabbits is fairly simple and clean up is much easier than larger animals.

Neil and I have discussed our future plans quite a bit in the last few months.  While we love our new little homestead, it is definitely not our forever house.  We want more land and a house we can build to our liking.  We plan on spending a few years in our current homestead, and have to balance all the homesteading plans we have with making sure our resale value of the house and property is not affected.  Not everyone wants a Chicken Palace in their back yard-although how can you not wanting something as cool as this to look at off your back deck!


This fall Neil and I are making an extra effort to enjoy the new season and cooler weather.  I take Denali for hikes most everyday now that the temperature has become less severe.  As soon as I get settled into my next assignment, Neil and I will take a few camping trips.

It is such a peaceful break from the craziness of the ER to sit in the grass and just watch the chickens as the cool breeze blows through my wild curls.

Until next time…